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Master Jin

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Master Jin

Master Jin was the first and probably the most influential teacher in Master Ong's life. Ironically, we know less information about him than any of Master Ong's other main Masters. We don't even know his full name or who his teachers were. Master Jin started teaching Master Ong at the White Cloud Temple in Southern China when he first arrived there at about age 5. Master Jin probably went along with Master Ong to Hong Kong in 1949 when the Communist Government took over in mainland China. At some point Master Jin moved to Taiwan.

While Master Ong was at the White Cloud Temple, Master Jin provided him with a broad and well balanced education. That education included common school subjects as well as physical training. Master Ong must have learned to read and write during his years at the temple given he started there so young. Besides the education of the mind there was also physical education which of course included martial arts training overseen by Master Jin. The training was Shaolin based and included a variety of martial arts styles that included Intellectual Fist, Drunken, Crane, and Snake styles as well as T'ai Chi and Pa Kua (Ba Gua) among others. Master Jin also sent Master Ong to learn from other accomplished martial artists outside the temple to broaden his martial arts training.

Master Jin also taught meditation and ancient Chinese practices such as land reading (feng shui), face reading, acupuncture, and Oriental massage. Master Ong acted as Master Jin's personal servant enabling him to be present and hear conversations between Master Jin and other Masters or anyone else who came to visit. Master Ong also traveled with Master Jin went when he went out to treat patients as a sort of apprenticeship in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Master Jin At His Table