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Master Wasil

Master Wasil
Alex Wasil

Master Wasil, starting in 1960, trained for 23 years with Grandmaster Feeman Ong. He instructed in Parma for Master Ong from 1962 through 1964 and in Cleveland from 1965 through 1968. In 1970 Master Wasil was appointed by Master Ong to be the director of Wing Sing School of Kwan Ying Do. Both inside and outside of classes he spent a lot of time with Master Ong and was always eager to learn more about every aspect of the art. Master Wasil has always been known for his rigorous workouts and diligent training as well as his tremendous power and fighting ability. Master Ong, after receiving the consensus of his Oriental Masters, appointed him as "jon moon" or person designated to carry on the lineage of the Kwan Ying Do system. Earning the highest rank that anyone in the system obtained (3rd degree black belt), he continually trained under Master Ong until his passing.

Besides the hardstyle, Master Wasil also learned many other aspects of the art from Master Ong. He trained in and gained a high level of skill in land reading (feng shui). Master Wasil often would verify his reading of a property with Master Ong's reading. Face reading was also one of Master Wasil's strengths. Through his unique insight into T'ai Chi and meditation and his understanding of these arts he has developed many health exercises and practices himself.

>Master Ong &Master Wasil
Master Ong & Master Wasil

Master Wasil learned a great deal about Chinese medicine from Master Ong. This extensive knowledge includes the acupoints and meridians and their combinations and applications. It also includes several Chinese health exercises and Oriental massage. He has been so drawn to health education that he has sought out and studied several other natural modalities. These include but are not limited to Iridology, Herbology, and Homeopathy (he has earned a doctorate degree in Homeopathy).

Master Wasil has faithfully honored the memory of Master Ong by doing everything he could to preserve and pass on all of the teachings of his master. He has also been able to train in Taiwan with one of Master Ong's teachers, Grandmaster Gao Dao-sheng. This training has enabled Master Wasil to bring fresh new material into the system and to refine his existing understanding of the art.

Master Wasil's life work has been to practice and disseminate the art of Kwan Ying Do. He truly has loved the art and lived the art.

Master Wasil Breaking
Master Wasil - Plum Blossom Fist aka Tang Long Shou