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Lao Pie-zhong

Grandmaster Lao Pie-zhong was renowned for his internal training. At age 30, after training with his grandmaster (we don't know his name) for several years Master Lao was taken to a village in the mountains to train. His master told him "These are all your aunts and uncles." Master Lao said, "They can't be, they're all my age." Actually they were all a generation older. He then told Master Lao he would teach him the Golden Buddha meditation. Master Lao was forbidden to teach it to anyone for 60 years.

At one point Master Lao came down from the mountains. People who had heard of him thought he was dead. Nobody knew he was alive. He came down from the mountains to meet Master Ong, and took him on as his closed-door student. And when he did that, ironically, the 60 years were up. That's how the system of Kwan Ying Do got this meditation. Everything just hit at the same time. Master Ong was his closed-door student - 60 years later - no restrictions on teaching the Golden Buddha meditation.

Master Ong had a picture of Master Lao that he showed to Master Wasil. Master Lao was a very big man and was distinguished looking with a mustache. Master Wasil judged his age in the picture to be about 48 years old. Master Ong told him Master Lao was over 90 when the picture was taken.

Master Lao Pei-zhong's main concentration was on the internal side of the art and was very skilled in meditation. He never slept. He didn't need to. Instead he would meditate for somewhere between 4 and 6 hours a night to rejuvenate himself. Even so, he had so much power that he could walk through a door without opening it, and without giving it a second thought.

Master Lao also had a deep appreciation of the philosophy of the art. He wrote the small booklet "Goodness Creates Happiness" which gives valuable guidance on how to live our life in an upright and moral way.

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