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Kwan Ying Do

Master Ong Teaching
Grandmaster Feeman Ong

Grandmaster Feeman Ong was a martial artist of extraordinary abilities and a high reputation in China and Taiwan. After coming to the United States he created a martial arts system called Kwan Ying Do (the way of the honorable masters) in which he distilled the teachings of all his masters. Master Ong was able to pass on vast amounts of information to his students in this country.

In the late seventies and early eighties there were several schools run by his top students under his direction. Before his untimely death in 1983 he named Mr. Alex Wasil, a third degree black belt and the director of the Wing Sing school, as his jon moon, or person chosen to lead the system of Kwan Ying Do in his absence. In the confusion shortly after Master Ong's death only two schools remained in the system, Wing Sing, Mr. Wasil's school, and Yee Sing, which was run by Mr. Bob Kreuger, a first degree black belt and another one of Master Ong's top students. In 1997 George Gajdos, a first degree black belt and one of Mr. Krueger's top students, was appointed director of Yuen Sing* school. In 2008 Gene Hummel, a second degree black belt and Mike Barker, a first degree black belt, were appointed directors of Ho Sing* school. Gene and Mike are two of Mr. Wasil's top students. At the present time these three schools make up the Kwan Ying Do system and faithfully carry on the teachings of Grandmaster Ong.

>Master Wasil and Grandmaster Ong
Master Wasil and Grandmaster Ong

Members in these schools receive instruction in either or both the Hardstyle Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu), and the soft style of T'ai Chi Chuan. Extra classes are available for students who are truly interested in expanding their knowledge of the art and traditional Chinese culture as well as trainings that can take them to a higher level.

*For more information on Kwan Ying Do schools in the system under jon moon Master Alex Wasil please click on the links below to visit their websites.

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