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Master Wasil and Grandmaster Ong
Master Wasil and Grandmaster Ong
after a demonstration

The Hardstyle is the specialty of the Kwan Ying Do system. It is a very traditional martial arts style that builds a strong foundation with basics such as stances, arm grabs, and many unique Chinese exercises to build the ch'i (qi), as well as physical strength and stamina. The students progress to learning tokens and the techniques embedded in them as they increase their power and self-defense capabilities. Weapons are taught only after students acquire a certain level of ability in the open hand forms. At an advanced level of performance (which takes many years to develop) the movements in the tokens and techniques become smooth and flowing rather than stiff and jerky. In this way students can use the ch'i they have nurtured to develop power that far exceeds their physical strength.

This style encompasses forms, techniques, exercises, and theories from the following: Shaolin Long Fist, Praying Mantis, Drunken Style, Crane Style, Snake Style, White Eyebrow Style, Hsing-yi, Ba Gua, and T'ai Chi.

Kwan Ying Do belts include white, green, brown, and black and take years to obtain. To earn even a green belt in this system, it is not enough just to learn tokens. The forms must be practiced and continually refined over a period of time. To get rank, students must also have a certain degree of power, snap, and focus when doing the movements and perform them in such a way that they will actually work in a combat situation. The belts in this system are not equivalent to those in other styles. Typically it takes 15 years (never less than 10 years) or more to reach the black belt level. This just can't compare with a style that awards a black belt after a year or two.

Special trainings are available to advanced students who meet the criteria of high moral character and a certain level of achievement in the art. Some of these include iron body, rejuvenation, and longevity trainings.

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