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Gao Dao-sheng

Grandmaster Gao Daosheng
Grandmaster Gao Dao-sheng

Master Gao (his name is also romanized as Kao Tao-sheng) was born in a Shandong village in 1915. He trained in Di Gong Men with Master Fan Zhong-ching, Praying Mantis at the Qingdao Martial Arts School, Northern Shaolin at the Jinan Martial Arts School, and Wu Dang under Taoist priest Fa Zhou. He then went to Fushian and continued his Shaolin Long Fist and Praying Mantis by becoming a disciple of the famous Grandmaster Wang Song-ting and training with him for eight years. Master Gao moved to Taiwan in 1949 after the communist takeover of mainland China. After retiring from the army in 1961 he started the Hsing-Sheng Martial Arts School in Taipei, Taiwan and has been teaching there ever since.

Master Gao was known for his hard training. If there were two ways (an easy way or a hard way) to get a certain ability in the art, Master Gao would always pick the hard training to get it.

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