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Feeman Ong

Grandmaster Feeman Ong
Grandmaster Feeman Ong

Master Ong was taken in by the White Cloud Temple in southern China at 5 or 6 years old and was accepted by Grandmaster Jin as his last student. He progressed quickly and was the youngest in Shaolin to earn a black belt at age 14. Grandmaster Jin, seeing Feeman Ong's exceptional ability, sent him to train with several other masters. He became an invincible fighter reaching an extraordinary level of ability in Chinese Martial Arts or Kau Sut (or Guo Shu, translated as National Art). Master Ong learned dozens of special exercises and programs, hundreds of tokens (forms), and was a master of 28 weapons. Through his own development and understanding of the art he improved upon several tokens and special trainings. Master Ong was also an expert in T'ai Chi, Pa Kua, meditation, acupuncture, land reading (feng shui), and face reading.

Around 1950 Master Ong came to the United States and settled in Barberton, Ohio where, originally, he had no intention of teaching the martial arts. Several years later after Alex Wasil became friends with him at Akron University and found out about his extraordinary abilities he tried to talk Master Ong into teaching the martial arts in this country. Eventually he convinced him. Even though Master Ong was agreeable to teaching the art here in America, he still had to convince his masters to permit him to do so. In 1958 he went back to the Orient for some extended training. When he came back to the United States in 1960 he had convinced his masters to permit him to teach Americans.

This was the start of the Kwan Ying Do system in which Master Ong distilled the teachings of all his masters. From the early 60's until the early 80's the system grew. During this time he made several trips back to the Hong Kong and Taiwan for more advanced training and to take on all challengers. When he was abroad he met and trained with Grandmaster Gao Dao-sheng and then Grandmaster Lao Pei-zhong and he also continued to train with Grandmaster Jin. By the early 80's under Master Ong's direction, several schools were teaching Kwan Ying Do to hundreds of students. Master Ong also had a family and was quite successful in business while continuing to improve his martial abilities. He was able to impart an amazing amount of material before his untimely death in 1983.

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